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Slut Shaming and Why it’s Wrong (x)

Doesn’t she seem a bit young to be talking about something like this…?

No. Why do you say that?

A lot of people, and myself included, were aware of what sex was long before we were 13 (which was her age when she made this video if you didn’t know), but i remained ignorant to slut shaming, misogyny and rape culture for a long time. 

What’s wrong with being informed about these things at an early age? The sooner the better, if you ask me..

What she said.

Girls are being told they’re too fat, too skinny, flat-chested, prudish, promiscuous etc. sometimes long before puberty. Girls are harassed, even assaulted, sometimes long before puberty. And for girls of colour, this is a pressing issue from BIRTH. There is no buffer zone of innocence there. Why should they not speak out?

so let me lay this down as clearly as possible:

If you, chazzthegamr, think this gif set is too much knowledge for someone so young, you obviously have a problem with a girl-child being in the know about the dangers and oppression that she herself faces.

Maybe that is cause you would like her to remain ignorant because maybe you just want your girls unable to tackle these situations as they arise and you don’t like them asserting themselves on these matters.

Which would pretty much mean that you’re a rapey asshole who’d rather see girls hurt and scared than able to defend their own fucking selves because nobody else is willing to step up. Certainly not YOU, the Internet police of Credibility.

And that would just make you a horrible, useless waste of space and resources who will go after easy targets at the slightest chance of asserting your own power and privilege.

Cause make no mistake, I fucking see you questioning this girl’s credentials for speaking out on the subject of her OWN DAMN LIFE rather than taking on the rape culture that made this message necessary in the first place.

Are you that kind of a person? Who do you choose to be?

You know something is very wrong when no one bats an eyelid at children aged 13 and younger using word such as ‘slut’ and ‘whore’ as insults, but when one of them speaks out against it, all of a sudden people are outraged.

(Source: maghrabiyya, via stfueverything)